data twins
of commercial buildings


Today's service companies, real estate investors, consultant companies want to access information about human behavior data anywhere, anytime, and instantly. 



We are becoming more agile, more flexible. We are working toward that pace layers goal where systems of innovation are naturally in the lead.

Now after seeing that the data which we are creating from the properties are becoming such important our vision has expanded and our mission has evolved; From improving operations and energy efficiency to improving the quality of data that is created from inside of the buildings, understand human behavior and usage trends and the indoor environmental or architectural design effects on usage trends, and communicating the data with different applications through D-GEN™ System.


Analysis of human behavior and the effects of the behavioral change in buildings.


Generate data from facilities in order to connect to optimize analytics platforms and AI.


Provide information about why and how the usage patterns change in buildings

what WE DO

Using D-Gen users will have the opportunity to have access to information from buildings in real-time in order to optimize their applications and operation.

Spaces are limited, but the experience you can create from those spaces is unlimited! 

D-GEN creates the data that you need so that you can focus on your business.


Convert commercial real-estates into data sources for different verticals.



The fact that we spend 90% of our lives inside buildings and even the next generation is estimated to be the “Indoor Generation” makes it much more important to understand how we use those buildings and how that affects our daily life. D-GEN™ is the Data Source and technological solutions platform for companies needing real-time information from the buildings, facilities, transportation, that are dynamic, unpredictable, and living ecosystems.

Whom do we serve?

D-GEN™ creates data that was not there before. That data is created from inside of buildings without interfering with the privacy of the people. That data is the information of the building which shows us how the real day-cycle of the building changes during the day according to human behavior.

D-GEN™ is to be used for optimizing

  • Analytics / AI platforms

  • Insurance / Claims

  • Marketing strategies

  • Operations

  • Energy Management

  • Indoor comfort levels and optimized space usage

  • Investments in Renewable energy

  • Security and Rescue

  • Predictive maintenance

  • Sustainable future goals

D-GEN™ is your one-stop solution for digitizing your buildings.

D-GEN™ is about shifting the attention from how buildings look, towards how they are used.